Build Your Own Meal Style

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Gozi Flat Bread Sandwich

Falafel: $7.25
Chicken: $7.95
Steak: $8.95
Vegetables: $7.75

Mezze Rice Plate

Falafel: $7.95
Chicken: $8.65
Steak: $9.65
Vegetables: $8.45


Falafel: $7.95
Chicken: $8.65
Steak: $9.65
Vegetables: $8.45

Our Favorite Combinations

Falafez Gozi

Red cabbage slaw, hummus, mixed greens, tahini sauce

Chicken Gozi

Moroccan carrots, cucumber salad, feta, spicy tomato sauce.

Hummus & Falafel Salad

Mixed green, white bean and kale, olives & yogurt cucumber sauce.

Veggie Plate

Brown rice pilaf, roasted vegetables, Moroccan carrots, hummus, olives & yogurt cucumber sauce.

Chicken Mezze Plate

Brown rice pilaf, hummus, cucumber salad, feta cheese, tahini

Small Plates and Sides

Falafel & Tahini

Served with Gozi bread.

Gozi Chips & Hummus


Gozi Chips


Small Topping

Choose any one topping from the kitchen table. Served with Gozi bread.

Large Topping



Bottled water

Poland Springs

Sparkling water


Premium Beverages



20oz Bottles.